Versatile Cranes Services in Michigan

We take heavy lifting to great heights for decades.

At the heart of our services lies a profound understanding of Michigan’s unique needs. Our fleet, including the highly sought-after 50 ton and 40 ton cranes, is tailored to navigate and operate within the diverse environments that Michigan and its various areas present. Whether you're near the tranquil shores of Lake Michigan or amidst the bustling streets of Grand Rapids, our team ensures that your project is elevated with precision and care. We specialize in precision work and love working with Michigan Marinas to move boats, install masts, and more. We are regularly working in Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, and surrounding areas on the water.

Services Versatile Cranes Offers

50 Ton Crane Rental Services: Flexibility When You Need It Most

Our 50 ton crane services are the cornerstone of large-scale construction and renovation projects in Michigan. These cranes blend strength with agility, making them perfect for projects that require a delicate balance of power and finesse.  Understanding the fluctuating needs of our clients, we offer 50 ton crane rental services that provide the flexibility to tackle projects of any scale, at any time.

40-Ton Crane Rental Services: Versatile Solutions for Diverse Needs

Our 40-ton crane services are designed to cater to a wide range of applications, from commercial construction to residential developments. These cranes are particularly suited for environments where space is at a premium, providing the lifting capacity you need without the footprint that you don’t.

Residential Crane Services in Michigan

We offer all types of residential cranes services in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. We provide service at your location throughout most of the state. Our crane services have been used for Chimney Caps/Stone, HVAC, sailboat Mast installation,  fiberglass Pools, Hot Tub lifting and more.

Rough Terrain Crane Rental: Mastering Challenging Landscapes

The landscapes of Michigan and its environment can pose unique challenges. Our rough terrain crane rental services are specifically designed to navigate and operate in challenging conditions, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly, regardless of the ground beneath.

Freezer Panel installation

Michigan Commercial Crane Service

We provide crane services for commercial and Industrial building companies in Michigan. We have worked on many commercial and industrial projects including HVAC, refrigeration companies, Pools/Hot Tubs companies, Landscapers, Sign companies, flagpole companies, Steel erector companies, Flat rubber roofing companies shipyards, farmers Grain bins, generator companies, Electric companies (Transformers/Light Poles), Concrete Companies (Set precast), Freezer panel companies, Shipping Container companies, and more. If you need assistance from an industrial crane in Michigan, give us a call. 

Emergency Crane Services in Michigan

Versatile Cranes stand as a beacon of support for urgent lift requirements. Recognized as one of the premier crane companies in Michigan, we specialize in providing top-tier emergency crane services. With an expansive fleet that includes a heavy-duty 50 ton crane rental, our solutions are tailored to tackle challenges head-on. Catering to diverse needs, from rough terrain crane rental to a robust 40 ton truck crane rental, we uphold the tradition of excellence found in crane services company. We have provided emergency crane service for everything from Rooftop HVAC to grain bins and feed mills. 

Versatile Cranes of Michigan Operation Rates

15 - 30 Ton Boom Truck Crane

3 hour minimum port to port $160 per hour

35 - 38 ton Boom Truck Crane

3 hour minimum port to port $175 per hour

40-50 ton Boom Truck Crane

3 hour minimum port to port $195 per hour

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Our team at Versatile Cranes is ready to elevate your endeavor with unparalleled crane services. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we’re here to ensure your projects are supported by the best in the business. 

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